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Whether you're staging a house for sale or want to renew your home or office, Kathy Neal and her ecoDeco team focus on providing design that improves aesthetics as well as quality of life in both work and personal spaces.

Kathy is more than just a designer. A licensed real estate agent with training in counseling, and green construction, she creates spaces that are as practical as they are pretty. She's also a specialist in feng shui, a 5,000 year old art that can help increase one's sense of well-being. 

 After decades of creating happier spaces, Kathy will prove to you that Change can be good and it doesn't have to cost a ton!

" I can't believe how good my old stuff looks!" 

                                                                   Mary N. -- Portland OR

" The best experience I've ever had! The space works so much better." 

                                                                   Kelly C. --Prineville OR

Why us?

Mission Statement:

To professionally prepare homes for sale by providing excellent home staging services to real estate agents and sellers.

To offer home and business owners thoughtful and creative feng shui and redesign services that truly reflect the most important intentions and goals of those owners.

To offer the most sustainable ways to do all the above within the financial and philosophical limits of each client.

I will apply my best techniques to every job no matter how simple or complex, and rely on my personal integrity to get the job done well and in a timely fashion.

       Katharine Neal and ecoDeco