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Kick All Those Negative Feelings Out of Your House

Posted on November 14, 2015 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (2307)

I work with people to make their homes a special place of refuge and comfort where they are surrounded by things that remind them of who they are and where they come from. I believe that having history makes one feel solid and grounded and part of something grand.

I start by helping you edit out anything in your home that brings up negative feelings. Life is too short to have angry-looking ancestor pictures glaring down on you, or to keep the wedding dress from your first marriage under your bed. True story! A freind thought she should keep the dress from her first marriage for the daughters of that marriage, so she kept it under her and her current husband's bed.  Really not the best energies when one thinks about it. 

One should be able to look around home and see only things that are meaningful in some positive way.  Everything else needs your permission to move on down the road. Those objects have served their purpose for you.

I give people space to see and love personal treasures and history minus the burden of family tragedies unless those are treasured memories.  A man I know became the family curator, displaying so many old somber pictures that he barely had room to put up pictures of his immediate family.  Maybe it's time to let the old folks rest in peace in a beautiful old trunk.  They have had their day.We are free to choose those people we love to focus on, and put away, give away or throw away the rest. Being a caretaker of family memorabilia can be draining if those things don't support ones's current life. Let them go now for your own sake.