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Have you fallen out of love with your home or office?

Or want to sell your home for top dollar?

Either way, you need a space that works.

Recreating your space can seem daunting and expensive. But with the right help it doesn't have to be. Through ecoDeco's dynamic process, we will transform your home or office using furniture you already have in new ways and places. Your place won't just look more attractive, it will feel better and function better as well. Our services include:

Real Estate Staging

Staging your home is like competing in a beauty contest--- you need to spotlight your home's best features. Buyers usually decide within the first few minutes so first impressions count most. ecoDeco depersonalizes, streamlines and freshens up your space so buyers can imagine themselves in the home.

          Priced as consultation or full staging---- call for free estimate: 541-420-4978


Maybe you don't need to remodel!! Often the shortcomings of a home or place of business can be corrected simply by reimagining the space. Try ecoDeco's one-day nonsurgical spacelift, and see how you can fall in love with your home or office again.

           $300 for "magic in one day"---call to set up an appointment: 541-429-4978

Feng Shui

A feng shui consultation for your home or work space can do wonders to improve your life and your work. This ancient Chinese design phenomenon that's sweeping the country works by removing blocks that impede forward motion and then focusing on current desires.

  Price based on size of space and number of person using it.  

                                                        Call for free estimate: 541-420-4978